"Joining CrossFit Undivided was the best decision I could have made. I have never been athletic my entire life. When I first joined CFU, I never would have imagined I would be doing half of the lifts or skills that I can do today. I am so grateful to Coach Mike and Jojo. They have taught me so much and have been very patient. They have helped me realize that I can accomplish more than what I initially think I can. My strength and mobility have improved the most in two years than it has in the past 25 years of my life. I have always struggled with my weight. While I lost much of my weight prior to joining CFU, crossfit has helped me tone, build muscle and prevent the weight gain. Mike and Jojo have also helped establish a friendly and supportive environment. There have been many close friendships formed and a connection among all of us that is unheard of at most gyms. I am not only pushed by the coaches but the other members that I now call my friends. It is great seeing how we have all improved so much in the time we have been here due to the excellent coaching CFU provides. I will always be thankful to the community that Jojo and Mike have created in CFU. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Everyday is a new challenge that I look forward to (unless it’s running  😅). Thank you Mike and Jojo for all that you guys have done for all of us."

Ian B.

"I'm in my mid 40s with years spent at a high stress job that packs me behind a desk and computer screen all day, not the best recipe for physical fitness. I'd not worked out seriously in years, and a combination of warnings from my doctor about my long term health, and my clothes not fitting (yet again) drove me to find a solution to improving my physical health. 

Regular gyms never worked for me. Ever. I always had difficulty staying motivated, found the routine boring, and never really saw any results. I've tried jogging many times as well and never stuck with it for the same reasons. I knew I needed to find something different if I wanted to be successful this time. After a bit of research I hit upon CrossFit, and I thought it looked like something worth trying. Digging deeper on local gyms I narrowed my choice fairly quickly down to CFU, as the reviews I found praised the gym for not only the quality of the coaches, but at how welcoming to new people the community was there. 

A CrossFit gym can be a very intimidating place for a new comer. I knew this going in, but I still found myself questioning if it was really something I could do before I attended the beginners classes. Any fears I had about being able to do the work outs, or about being judged etc were quickly dispelled by the coaches, as well as the other members I met. 

The coaches take the time to teach safe, proper form, review all major movements at the beginning of every class, and are very attentive during class to how the members are moving so as to avoid unsafe conditions. Every class is coach lead, and actively monitored. If an exercise is too difficult for someone, whether due to skill or injury, the coach will provide alternative exercise that no one bats an eye over if you use.

I had walked in to CFU never having lifted a free weight, other than doing some bench presses in high school. I'd never touched a medicine ball, and I couldn't jump-rope. I can now do Olympic style lifts, my cardio health is vastly improved according to my doctor, I can jump rope, I've seen quantifiable gains in my physique, and I've never been bored due to how dynamic the workout planning is. 

That being said I will never be a CrossFit athlete going to competitions, I will probably never have a six pack, I'm just a normal guy, and that is absolutely okay with everyone in the gym's community from the coaches to the members. I've never felt pressured to push myself unsafely, nor have I felt any negative attention because of my lack of fitness since starting at CFU. When I get a personal best on something they cheer just as much as if one of the hardcore members had, the support is amazing, and genuine.

Since joining I also got my wife to give it a try, and she is now a full time member as well."

Liz M.

"I was once a fit college athlete, confident, secure, and unstoppable. I am now forty years old and when I joined CFU in December of 2015 I was possibly in the worst shape of my entire life. I couldn’t run 100m without thinking I would die much less do a pull up, a 300 pound deadlift, or have my toes touch the bar above my head! I had realized all those things I once was I lost. I have lost approximately twenty pounds and feel better today than I have in a long time but that’s not what keeps me coming back every day and such a small part of what CFU has done for me. I am far from being the best or even really good in any class on any given day but never feel less than the best athlete there. When I am the last person to finish a workout the others who finished before me are supporting me and pushing me forward. I have embraced a strength I never realized I had in the face of discomfort and sometimes embarrassment. This is because the coaches at CFU and the members have never judged me, never made me feel inferior, or second-rate. I am treated as an equal to all and driven to do the best I can. CFU has given me the strength I once felt, the confidence to stand taller, and know I can do anything if I want to. This has had a direct impact on all facets of my life and I’m proud to be a part of this ever-growing family. This “family” has fundamentally changed me to my core."

Maggie M.

"Before joining CFU, I used to go to the gym and do random exercises to target the parts of my body I didn’t like. In addition to going to the gym, I would run for hours at a steady pace. I wasn’t losing weight, I wasn’t gaining muscle, and to make matters worse, I was getting injured from the constant pounding on my joints. I knew I had to find another way to reach my goals which, seemed to get further away with every mile I ran and every hour I spent in the gym.

When I first met Mike and JoJo, I knew they would be the perfect coaches to help me overcome these obstacles. I quickly began to progress in the gym as my strength increased and my body fat decreased. I began to reach goals that I had been trying to reach for years with the guidance of Mike and JoJo. The coaches spent hours of their time advising me on my nutrition, CrossFit movements, and quite honestly my life. 

The physical accomplishments I have made are not the only aspects of my life that CFU has improved. The community has become my family and everyday I look forward to seeing them during my training sessions. We laugh together, cry together, and support each other every day at CFU. Mike and JoJo make CFU a place where every person of every ability can feel that they are important and, can accomplish any goal they set. I am so proud to say that I have been a part of this community for five years, the people at this gym and CrossFit in general, have brought fulfillment and meaning to my life."


"CrossFit Undivided has changed my life in so many ways that I could have never imagined. I am so grateful for all of the people CFU has brought into my life and for the fun and welcoming environment that the coaches and members have collectively created. I truly feel like this box is my second home and I look forward to working out every single day (which never happened when I went to a regular gym). I thank all of the coaches for the passion they have for the sport and for the continuous support they have always provided me. I couldn’t have embarked on this journey without Joe Joe and Mike! They are wonderful people and are the glue that holds our CFU family together. 

I am so proud of the progress I have made physically, but I never expected for Crossfit to strengthen my mental toughness. CrossFit has taught me patience and has also taught me that I am stronger both mentally and physically than I give myself credit for. I now approach challenges both inside and outside of the gym with more confidence in myself, thanks to CFU."